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tv   Cavuto  FOX Business  April 25, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ ♪ charles: a health care security emergency putting youredical information at risk. welcome, everyone, i am charles payne and for neil cavuto. google, microsoft, and facebook stepping in to stop the next heartbleed attack. millions are at risk. alerting people to change their passwords now. if kate rogers reports, a surge of cyberattacks could put the whole health care sector at
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risk. we have to guess that are going to join kate. but first, let's hear what he has to say. what makes this so interesting, and this is a high-profile hack. a lot of insurance information of their, doesn't collect your payment information or medical information, but it does add to your personal identifiers. the people want to get their hands on that. and instances of medical identity theft are up 100% in 2010. charles: i guess your medical information is valuable, but is it really that easy of a target macs are not apparently it is. it can help you file false medical claims, get prescription drug benefits and things like that. there's less of it out there. so drives up the price. charles: okay, this heartbleed thing seems to have come out of
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nowhere. and it seems so vulnerable. even the idea that our medical records are up for grabs, it's really frightening. >> thank you for having me on the program. i think they kate is exactly right. her story was awful when it comes to this particular vulnerability. i think this is quite scary nsidering it has persisted over the past two years. and there are many who are impacted by this particular one ability which is so large.
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>> spewing here is the thing. the thing spring up all the time. >> the most recent survey shows a 100% increase in this and the last four years. the financial services industry have gotten pretty darn good at protecting from these massive tax going on every single day. the target reach obviously being an outlier. so the bad guys are turning their sights to the places that don't protect their data as well as they need to. and that is health care. that data is so easy to monetize. charles: we know how horrible this makes people.
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>> the centers for medicaid and medicare resources are posting once per in all of these government agencies, they go through all of these avenues to protect consumer data. >> this is such a massive one ability that impacts all secured transaction. also with internet connections or things of that nature. this includes your configurations to put together a plan to remediate this and then
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you have lives at stake. so we have to execute on that in some cases some of these things may not ever get past us. >> we are in the cyberworld whether we like it or not. some of us went and kicking and screaming. so it feels like the ultimate catastrophe that we are talking about. is there anything that can be done and who really bears the most responsibility for getting this done? businesses, government, and individual remap. >> one of the main messages i want your viewers to understand is that 95% of the country does not understand that if your personal health information to compromise from your medical identity, it's not a financial concern you should be worried about. they can use that to maybe open a new account. but what you need to worry about is to protect your personal health record. because if someone uses that it's medical goods and procedures and prescriptions, they suddenly become you.
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next time you go to the doctor that person, that record is not you, it's the other person. so this literally could kill you. so that is what your real concern should be. so right now there are technology fixes that are being put together to help consumers fight this. >> thank you guys so much. charles: i would love to say that these are the only things that are upsetting health care, but it's not. the move they did today that proves that the health care lives in a state of panic. and remember and ethical debate with a congressman who wanted more money to fix these bridges? >> may maybe the difference and the answer is more money. but the money that we spend, we cannot account for. >> where do you get that? that you cannot account for it.
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>> could you spell out where that 42 billion has gone? >> the budget is available for every state. charles: why all of that yelling is falling on deaf ears. if the spending blitz that's getting us passion...
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the. charles: and tonight business lit. building bridges going nowhere. 53,000 bridges, all that federal money going to ask them, and with a major fund for infrastructure waiting for washington and it's going to be wasted anyway. okay. ready to do round two of the thing? >> yes, it is terrible that the bridges are in such bad shape. here's the problem. the gas tax will be raised. everyone hate the gas taxes. thproblem is, where does the money go? that is the problem. it's been a problem. it's been used for things like
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mike pass or rogue museums and that isn't right. and at the same time we even had states levying their own gas taxes and so the problem is where's the money going? >> i'm sure that california with the highest gas tax and gas in the country has just as many potholes as new york area so where does the money going to? how come there is no accountability with the cash that is elected in. >> the potholes are not as bad as new jersey. i just want to say that. but the money that we taken from all of these sources is enough to support all of the existing products and roads. but it's not enough to do a project of this scale. we were talking about $20 million in renovation. the biggest example of extra spending on this was 2009 and it is not enough. if you want to fix bridges, tax cuts are not enough.
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charles: to long wrongly come in the market got hammered. i'm rocking to some old-school music and old school music and i hit one of these famous potholes. the tire is destroyed. and so how do we avoid this? because i paid a lot of taxes in new york city last year. >> i will tell you that you will be a lot better off if you are a major obama donor. [laughter] where did all the money go? look at all the major obama donors and figure out what is and is they are doing and then you can figure out where where that shovel ready money went. it went to tesla, warren buffett, it went to george kaiser and solyndra. al gore in fisker automotive. it didn't go as john said to fix bridges and roads. but it went into the pockets of
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the guys that gave obama and the democratic party the big money. that is why you got that flat tire. >> a lot of great coupon ending. saying that i should incorporate this over the weekend. >> you have to give a lot of money to the left and many will be okay. >> is kind of not. but somewhere along the line we have to talk about this. sixty pages ofthis report. it got like half the project they have come in are not making money. but the problems that they are making money on, it's lik the funds for these projects. again, these white elephants. >> here is the thing. we all know the infrastructure of the country will go out of shape at times.
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we even need to get on it and fix this. charles: next up, health care troubles in oregon now gone after severe technical glitches. looking to be the first health care exchange to be taken over by the federal health care exchange. you say the obama administration is probably thrilled to have another plan on their watch. >> absolutely. they get credit for saying that we are given a states rights and the states can do what they want as long as they roll it out. in the same thing is happening in maryland. which is where i live, they have problems and they are probably going to scratch it. they can say we gave the state a chance but it's riddled with holes and that is the irony of this whole thing.
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once it gets all involved, watch out for this and everything else because it will be even more crazy. >> some people say that the grand scheme from the very beginning. >> that is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard. if you think that they orchestrated this so they could wrap it up anyway, they knew the states would screw it up they are still going to use paper to collect application even though they do all kinds of stuff in this way. the federal government website was only marginally better than the stateside. so that's really not what happened. >> you can argue. i mean, it's easy to argue that the federal government has did exchange under its wing.
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>> i hear what you're saying. all of these exchanges, the massive government takeover of health care. by the way, no way could they do it. because england have single payer is, they are about the size of oregon and france is about the size of texas. so there's no way the federal government can take over in that way. >> they should be able to get their act together. but you would think it would give some credence to the idea that ultimately they love to have a single-payer plan in this country. >> that's really what they wanted. this was a compromise from a modest rides including
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lobbyists. >> they are already running student loans, and no medicare as well, but it's a big market. >> if you can hear me with this helicopter blades above you, you get the last word. >> whether they were behind it or not, i think that is a that of a stretch. but the premise, are they happy about it? there is static about it. they pointed out all of the other businesses that the government is ecstatic about. they are happy to move out the private sector whenever they can in some of those states are a real sore in the side of the federal government. >> taken over a lot of industries and big part of our economy which our economy is going nowhere. so we we will talk to you guys a little bit later.
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so who would you rather hire? me or kate upton? i will give you time to think about it. [laughter] >> and looking for beauty over brains. next, you might be right. and is this all the proof that you need that we are becoming way too sensitive? the outcry as to why businesses everywhere need to pay attention. ♪
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charles: oh, the age-old question. is beauty pay? undoubtedly it does. some say powerful ladies are because it doesn't require a pretty face. sabrina schaper agrees that beauty does not pay. but this marketing experts as attractiveness definitely does attract wealth. why is she wrong on that? >> i think everyone loves looking at a pretty face. that being plain plane doesn't necessarily hurt you. i looked at trysting social science research out of israel and men benefited america looks more than women. a lot of human resource people are young women, so they may feel threatened by other pretty women. so it's not black or white. charles: just because men may benefit and more, i do agree
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that it seems like beautiful people seem to get all the breaks and a lot of great jobs. is it a coincidence? >> it is the ugly truth. there is one studying that shows her husband decades of studies in the united states that show that americans attribute success to good looks. good-looking people tend to attract other good-looking people. so they are more persuasive and collaborative, their betters dollars from all of these things. the beauty in and of itself won't lead to personal success. >> the both of you agree that it's opportunities. the attractive person seems to get more chances. >> yes, that's right. and you can put lipstick on someone, but it doesn't give them a brain. i think one thing is what
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happens when you walk into an interview and you don't have any makeup on and maybe you don't kill us confident, you don't present yourself as well. there's a reason. it makes me feel more confident and speak that are and have the ability to feel better in front of the camera. the same thing goes for looks in the workplace generally. >> so i guess and it's atmosphere you started saying it is the ugly truth. how we deal with this in a society? >> beauty can mean how often you smile and how composed you are and what your body posture looks like. a lot of those things can be influenced. charles: okay, a lot of people seem to become very attractive in this way.
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>> i can't speak for how people view their other dollars, but the faster you're going to get hired, the faster you're going to get promoted and were pay your point again. charles: so we are watching this. what does it what is the take away to forge ahead and find the best that you can? sumac beauty comes from within. i think that we are saying that of course made it opens doors, but it's not the end-all. you want to be able to show you have something to offer. so as great as it is to have a nice ability, to look like them, there are plenty of ceos that dumb. >> years ago my son was maybe seven years old and there was a janet jackson video.
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charles: and the republicans newest target is not the democrats but a democrat and this is why. >> people are not educated in how to use the internet. anarchists have taken over.
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>> so let's see what you think. they definitely have a point. top-flight balls are junk. another folks say that they don't have a sense of humor. and finally offensive to some individuals but perfect for the target demographic, this is a company that actually can take ad like this down. >> first of all, you show the pg-13 rating. if you play the whole thing out, it's almost like they don't know what you're talking about. but they wanted to think it was funny. my wife has certain cases he was laughing too. so i think it's very funny. the question is will it hurt sales? particularly to women who might find it more offensive than men. so i don't think that it will.
11:31 pm
i think it adds to things. he said he think of the perfect ad. charles: i went to see ted. and i saw just as many women in the office laughing. so maybe my wife has a better sense of humor than i do. [laughter] >> that's why the marriage has lasted 25 years. [applause] >> but as a society, people talk about how tv has changed and movies and entertainment. but it doesn't feel like there's many barriers anymore. >> in fact it's funny. because even though we played hard this, even if you've played the whole thing, it's done with a good sense off humor. i think if something is done in a the aspect, it can be even tamer than the them look bad and given him a man. >> plus, we are talking about it.
11:32 pm
>> you got it. >> switching gears, not just focusing on their opponents, they are focusing now on harry reid. >> do you know who is paying for those sleazy ads? harry reid. the logo. >> so will these gop ads actually work? some say a better worker this country is in for a world of hurt. another person saying heck no, the party has lost its luster. what are they offering? i think they are offering to bolstered situations and. >> i do think that harry reid has become an albatross around the neck of democrats. he said so many outrageous things. even if they donate $100 million to charity and everything. he said that they are the using this for their own good. it just a nasty disagreeable
11:33 pm
person. he also, by the way, was ahead of the nevada gaming commission when he was there. he has a string of very questionable deals that led to him becoming a multimillion or. and if they get beyond sort of the attacks on the senate floor and they get to asking serious questions about how this i became a million or without some of the land deals that he was involved and which in which were very questionable come i think they really go there, that would the interesting. we don't like this guy, just because he says bad things on the senate floor, that is not enough. charles: we were just talking about society at large. but when it comes to our leaders, when the guy says mitt romney hasn't paid his taxes and doesn't have to put out the proof, once the cancer patients online lie about the impact of obamacare. >> every single negative thing about obamacare is a lie to him.
11:34 pm
>> when you drag cancer patients through the mud, it's different than taking on the coke others who could probably handle themselves. >> he said that they were probably using this. it's just unbelievable. charles: so the idea is to go after him and were surgical ways than i think that there are a lot of journalists in nevada, a lot of them around the country who have been investigating what his connections are to some of those things that made him into a multimillionaire. going back into his role as gaming commissioner of the state of nevada, we know what las vegas is about. the underworld that is involved in racketeering and so forth. was he involved in a? welcome i think some of those questions need to be asked. because there's a lot more than meets the eye. >> i might disagree with you little but on this area that could be too complicated. i just think a mean-spirited guy like this, a couple weeks ago i really was wondering if he had a
11:35 pm
mental deficiency. could he have been losing it to say things and then contradict them a couple weeks later. it's kind of frightening. >> the bottom line is that he can get away with it. like president obama, he owns the press with certain exceptions. but he owns so much that they give him a free pass. so the more that you say outrageous things in progress evening pushback, the more outrageous things you say will become. charles: gary, thank you so much. we appreciate it. a hot sauce plan that is too hot to handle. a guy who is fighting back
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>> this fight is really heating up. residents of one city demanding that this hot sauce plan be close down because they say that the air that comes from it is giving him headaches. but his attorney says that this plan should not be shut down. >> i agree that something needs to be done so that the residents who live around the plant can live. everyone wants the company to stay. what this company is doing cannot interfere with these folks are normal enjoyment of their property. that is the case that they have. he wondered how do you reconcile something like this? it really means that the lines have been drawn in the sand and
11:40 pm
many residents say no, they have to shut this down. there's no way to stop it from interfering with daily life. >> they are already offering to resolve this problem in this whole problem could be fixed. charles: what is the issue here? they're going to make the investment, spend the money, if it works out. >> it seems like they certainly tried. as long as the company is making an aggressive effort to try to solve the problem, it should be fine. but the company needs to do something to make a passable for the people who live there to actually enjoy their own property.
11:41 pm
so that's going to take the company a long time to do it, and the city council may have to do something to prevent them from continuing. >> i hope they don't set down a hot business. no pun intended. >> really is is grounds for million dollar lawsuit? what you think. >> they could have taken reasonable steps to prevent it. if that is the case, then she should be entitled to some damages. because she did suffer a break. >> at the hotel loses, they are going to have you standing up from here on out. is the perfect type?
11:42 pm
so i don't know that that is the kind of defect which will cost them ultimately million dollars or it's a kind of gives you an idea about her motive. she fester for million dollars. is that how much it cost? >> some of the stuff seems extraordinarily privileged makes the cost of business go up. we talk a lot on the business channel where if you bring these lawsuits, you lose and you pay the other person's expenses. isn't it about time that we bring something like that here? >> you know, you don't want to have a four-person prevent it from going into court and have a lawsuit when that is necessary. so i think that is a difficult case to argue. that being said when you have something that is frivolous, i think that there should be some sort of mechanism to evaluate
11:43 pm
how this works and how the courts could step in and make a difference. >> i agree, they do award attorney fees if it has proven him to be a frivolous lawsuit and that remains is dinner. because otherwise we are just making people not want to go forward with these trials and lawsuits can actually do have a valid point is because of the risk of having to pay the cost. so long as the court can analyze that eventually ended tied whether or not it is frivolous, it might be the right idea. charles: thank you, ladies. have a great weekend and beware of those tall hotel bar stools. and maybe that amazon delivery drone will get some use. why amazon is talking delivery and taking on the union's. and cowboys cowboys and indians march on washington. this monday, speaking with one of their opponents.
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charles: back with a business blitz. postal unions may have more problems. while they are protesting the partnership with labels, amazon is looking to get into the delivery game or the online retailer testing of its own delivery system and gary smith says this will prove that the private sector can do a better job in the public sector. the question is will customers pay more than they are willing to pay for. >> it. >> definitely. i think that the customers will pay the right price.
11:48 pm
>> we talk about the mail. the whole reason that we got this coast-to-coast mail service was started by the pony express which was a private enterprise. because those guys started to make money. it shows that money is being spent and we will get the mail delivered at the right price. >> he is right, there's no incentive for the u.s. postal service they own a lot of real estate is not used, the u.s. postal service should've put themselves immediately and shopping malls or drugstore chains in the white area.
11:49 pm
charles: i think amazon is onto something here. >> let's just say one thing. you can't lose money in a vacuum. it's not going to be better or cheaper. if they want same-day delivery by helicopter, they want to own that does duchenne. they have to share the post
11:50 pm
offices and so can they do it on the cheap? why not try to give it a shot. >> it's probably going to work. competitors won't have it and it will be wiped out. >> the postal service is full employment act of union workers. a half-million people would work for her. and it is so badly run. >> the post office also helps a startup who needs to ship things on my. charles: starting a forest floor
11:51 pm
is the first state that will collect sales tax from amazon. so i want to talk to you about this. these costco, they have to pass them on. >> they are finding a way to get their hooks into any profitable business. a and off already. state that the nickel and dime you for years and years and years and so are the localities in the states. >> you know, to level the
11:52 pm
playing field, they should play the sales tax. so fine, reduce for the brick-and-mortar retailers just like they are trying to kill coal and oil.
11:53 pm
>> in your direction, you're going to turn amazon into a mini tax collector for all 50 dates. that is ridiculous. >> i mean, you do have to wait us out. the idea that we have these amazing economic juggernauts, they create jobs and opportunity, because sometimes this is just a farce. it's unfair to best buy, come on, they could do an online version. i'm a think about ultimately what you want the states to do. you want to be collecting the money, hurting business and growth. >> we have to have a mix of income sales and gas taxes.
11:54 pm
so where is the one to attack the remark. >> if the destination for the population of the united states. >> now they have this and you're right, no one has an infinite guaranteed. so before we let you guys go, we are talking about amazon. i thought they had a phenomenal number. >> number one i thought i is one of the greatest companies that is out there.
11:55 pm
in this market is very volatile. i think it's still time with the long-term prospects on both. >> i have to agree with him. the volume has been light. i think there's an effort and there has been a taiwan. what about you? >> who says they can make money. [applause] >> what are they going to start growing the business and decide to put the squeeze on them. i think tech investors have made the notion of that. but maybe some of these companies -- >> we have an analyst saying that amazon is the most overvalued company. charles: coming up, your tweets are hot and passion...
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charles: time for your review were tweets and to have trust issues with washington. civic politicians avoid straight talk so noah and his offending cannot be held accountable. >> all politicians talk but with no a ship -- action issues are the save as 40 years ago. >> the majority of politicians are out for them sell their crops and
12:00 am
uncorrupted american and unethical don't trust most of them. don't stop commenting on twitter. thank you for watching. have a great weekend. . kennedy: have you ever felt that nagging uncomfortable feeling that makes it difficult to sit still and focus on simple tasks? it's the government! up in your business! so many have succumbed to the pressure and discomfort has given way to apathy. and now you think the government violating your every orfas with regulations, fines and restriction says ordinary and accessible. step one is admitting there is a problem and government shouldn't be up in your business, especially when you are trying to run a business. you deserve a better life. we'll show you crusades against food trucks to the war on kids. it's up there. and it's spreading. hold on. we're going in! this is "the independents."


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